Sticker of the Day Volume 1

I collect stickers on my sewing table and I have for many years. I’m going to attempt (key word here) to catalog each sticker (except the little stupid filler ones) and give its backstory. When I say “of the day”, I don’t mean every single day. I wish I had that kind of time but I don’t at the moment. When I refer to “of the day”, I mean the day I posted because, for whatever reason, that sticker caught my eye that particular day.

“Some like it Scot” –
Simply, I’m predominately Scottish/German/Irish. I came upon this series after I kept seeing advertisements for it. My friend, Jen, suggested it to me years ago but I never had time to read it (sorry, Jen!). It looked intriguing because it dealt with history, time travel, the supernatural, and was Scottish. Alas, I could never find the opportunity to crack it open.
For the past few years, I have been significantly more into my family history, as opposed to general history, and know we come from House Gordon (our house motto is “abide & fight” which, if you know me or mine, makes a whole bunch of sense). My momma does genealogy on the side as a hobby so she’s traced us back a fair way. I’m not kin to Robert the Bruce but my family did fight alongside him.

I started reading the book and it was pretty fascinating. Diana Galbadon is an amazing author and her story is captivating. When I went in for kidney surgery last Thanksgiving, I was under too much morphine to concentrate on reading so I watched the show Outlander on Starz while abed. Every time a nurse came in, it was on my Kindle and one nurse commented she thought I’d start talking in Gaelic by the time I got discharged. Unfortunately, I am no closer to speaking Scottish Gaelic but after I’m done becoming fluent in German to keep up with Abby, I’ll work on Gaelic.
When I was conscious and not drug-addled later, I researched to see what was historically accurate about the books/show and what wasn’t. Fun fact? The castle they use a lot is actually in Monty Python and the Holy Grail as the Castle Anthrax. Monty Python is one of my favorite movies I can quote most all of it from memory. Ms. Galbadon got a lot of it correct by historic reckoning – she definitely did her homework. I finally finished the book and found that, like any book that is genuinely good, I was sad it was over. I had similar pangs over “The Whiskey Rebels” by David Liss, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and, of course, “The Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien.
Through my research, I also found a great non-profit, Bloodwise, which is an organization that actor Sam Heughan of the show supports. I like when people with influence, fame, and capital use them to help others, especially non-profit organizations dedicated to alleviating illnesses like blood cancer, which is a problem internationally as well as something that has effected my life through friends. I grew up with non-profits because my father ran (and now my sister runs) a non-profit grants consulting firm. What they do is highly fascinating and if you want to see what they’ve accomplished, I’d suggest their site.
Through that venture I found My Peak Challenge and signed up for it. The sign up includes a meal plan, an exercise plan, and a community for a year, which is actually pretty damn decent for the 100 dollar price tag. Oh! And a t-shirt! I did the physical stuff for awhile and damn near killed myself because I often forget I’m disabled but I do what I can when I can. The group as a whole has been amazing, supportive, motivating, and kind. They are all there for different reasons but the main goal is self-improvement in its many forms. I’ve learned a lot about myself, made some nice friends, gone to my first ever high tea at a Scottish B&B, and learned about my heritage. I gained courage to do things I didn’t think I’d do – not bungee jumping or sky diving but putting myself out there and ignoring my fear of rejection, starting this blog, actually asking for help when I need it, and exploring fellowship opportunities in my area to help others.

It’s amazing how one little sticker can encapsulate so much and is connected to so many things in my life. This is why I have this sticker collection – little reminders while I quilt, sew, or do whatever on my work table of where I’ve been, what I enjoy, and who I am. Seeing Sam Heughnan’s mug isn’t such a bad deal, either…

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