Sticker Collection – Vol. 2

My sticker collection was born of randomness and boredom. We got the table from our friend and former roommate, Brian, when we moved out of our old house in Kentucky. Having nowhere to really put it at the time, I ended up using it as a work space for crafting and the like. It got paint and stuff on it but it wasn’t that big a deal because, hey, it’s a craft table. I started sticking cool stickers I found to it to save my car from being covered by them. This was my table about a year ago and this is about 3 years of collecting.


Now? It’s covered. And this brings me to “today’s” sticker:


My granddad, Robert Gerald, had a life motto about the same as this so when I saw it on RedBubble while looking for Daredevil and Jessica Jones stickers, this one particularly caught my eye. My granddad’s saying was, “It isn’t what happens to you; it’s how you deal with it.” Same basic motto – not letting what happens to you kick your ass and using it as a strength.

I’m a huge Daredevil fan and have been for years – but don’t worry, Wolverine is still the favorite!

Daredevil represents more than just a blind man sprinting about the city in a tight red jumpsuit. I think what set him apart for me when I started reading about him is that he’s a lawyer. My momma was, a couple uncles are, and my brother in law is, as well. I grew up looking up to cops and lawyers. The vigilantism in the Daredevil story isn’t exactly in line with law and order but seeing as how he is preoccupied with amending the flaws in the justice system (of which there are, as within any system of anything involving people), I get it. To be more precise, I don’t generally believe in vigilantism because it creates people like George Zimmerman with a superhero complex. But, in an entertainment medium, which deals with fictional characters, I enjoy the story for what it is. You can derive inspiration, motivation, metaphor, and parallels to life through fiction but to define yourself by it is, well, delusional. There’s a line. You should no more let your heroes define who you are than you should your demons.

Speaking of demons, back to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I’m fascinated with his story because he’s a disabled man and despite that, he doesn’t use it as an excuse not to give his all. Sure, he has superhuman senses but even that took time and effort to train. He could have sat idly by after his father died and accepted that he was blind, life sucked, and he could hear/smell/feel/etc. everything. He could have turned bitter and took his anger out on an unsuspecting world. He did not. He used his mind and his natural talents and worked his ass off.

Drawn by Alex Maleev from a great run by Brian Michael Bendis

And he, in both the comics and the Netflix TV show, has gotten knocked down plenty but he always gets back up. I love that resiliency and whenever I see a person, either fictional or real, showing that kind of resiliency and tenacity, I respect it. I am enlightened somewhat by it. The number of people I know in my life that I am inspired by numbers the many hundreds and for that, I am blessed.

Speaking of blessed – Matt Murdock (Daredevil’s secret identity – shhhh don’t tell!) is a devout Catholic. I’m not actually Catholic but my denomination of Anglican is probably as close as you can get. I believe some circles call it “Catholic Light” or “Diet Catholic”, which I find to be pretty damn hilarious. All of the great Catholic taste, none of the guilt! Regardless, it’s not really the point – the point is that Murdock is heavily influenced by his faith, which I think a lot of people can relate to even if they aren’t Catholic. I’m not going to get into some long drawn-out explanation of faith or try to convert atheists or anything – just merely commenting that that aspect of his character in the story and how it shapes him and his tale is pretty interesting.

In the courtroom or out, Daredevil kicks ass and if you don’t want to binge watch two seasons on Netflix, I’d suggest starting with Born Again by Frank Miller, anything Brian Michael Bendis has done with the character (*ahem* my fan girl must have slipped out – lemme tuck that back in…), and Kevin Smith’s run is pretty damn good, too.


2 thoughts on “Sticker Collection – Vol. 2

  1. Daredevil is hands down my favorite Marvel character. I found myself drawn to the mythology when I was a child through my love of the sport of boxing with my father. Though I wasn’t too excited about Mark Waid’s run, I did like Ann Mocenti’s and Ed Brubaker’s respective runs as well. The current run is okay but it’s been kind of a slow burn. You have a great sticker collection. You should keep adding to it over time.

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    1. I just got a new batch in via RedBubble – they’re my favorite place for stickers because I can find what I like but I also like “randomly” finding new ones, as well. Depends on my mood, really.
      I totally get what you mean by Daredevil – he’s an amazing character. Did you like the Netflix series?


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