Who is The Salty Momma?

My name is Caitlin Elam and I’m a 30ish woman from Kentucky originally. I was in the Navy for 5 whole years as a MA (Master at Arms – military police) and got up to the rank of second class Petty Officer. I was permanently disabled due to a horseback riding accident in Kentucky on leave in 2009. I am currently retired medically from the United States Navy as of 2010.

I reside in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with my husband, Sam, our daughter, Abigail, and our 2 dogs, Molly (Black Lab) and Ellie (German Wirehaired Pointer).

I enjoy reading, writing, movies, music (anything from Hanson to Manson), games, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, sewing, painting, comic books, history, non-profit organizations, volunteer work, and church.

I’m generally a pretty nice person but I’m often cynical and dry – hence, salty.